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Taiga tea

Natural herbal tea from the Altai herbs and leaves

Clean air is pristine Altai taiga, aromas of pine needles and grass, the endless blue of the sky above ... Protected the secrets of nature and the secrets of eternal youth can be found in our "Taiga tea." We collected tea from taiga herbs and roots from an ancient recipe of the Altai conservatives.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature, and know how to use her gifts and did not violate its equilibrium. As a reward, they get peace of mind and longevity. Traditional notions of a happy and peaceful life in harmony with the world reflected in the legend of Belovodye, a magical land where people can find happiness. According to legends of the Old Believers, this country was in a protected scenic mountains of Altai. It was there we found a recipe for "Taiga" tea and herbs gathered for him.

Drink to your health!

Kraft bag, 50 г

150 cart