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Сedar seedlings

Want to buy a Siberian cedar in Moscow? You have come to the right place!

Cedar - this is the most famous symbol of vast Siberian taiga. 10% of Russian territory covered by pine forests. They are, undoubtedly, the most complex and the most productive of the Siberian and Far Eastern ecosystems, national wealth and national pride of Russia.

Cedar different unique beauty and durability. Its wood is very valuable, and its nut rightfully become the calling card of Siberia. But in the Central Russia, Moscow cedar - a true exotic.

Today you have the opportunity to buy a Siberian cedar saplings in Moscow to put them on his summer cottage. Then you will always have at hand the unique charm of virgin nature. You will be able to please your friends and family souvenirs boreal - pine nuts, gum and bumps.

Three-year seedlings, 40 cm, 0 г

350 cart

The seven-year seedlings, 120 cm, 0 г

3500 cart