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Altai herbs

The treasury of Siberian health. Eight herbs of Altai.

Tired of stone urban jungle? Tired repetition of the same - an office, a car, tea bags? Want to breathe in the smell of taiga? Feel campfire smoke? See the edge of mountains on the horizon? Arm yourself with the power of wilderness?

Now all this can be done in Moscow.

We have compiled a collection of eight unique herbs Gorny Altai. They will help you throughout the year to draw health from this storehouse of Siberian nature. Adding them to the tea by making infusions and decoctions, you'll not only enjoy the wonderful taste of taiga herbs and roots, but also improve your health.

Today you can buy a wonderful set of Altaic herbs in Moscow at the lowest price. If you order three sets - a 10% discount. If you order 10 sets - save 33%.

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